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How to transport a group of 50 people. It’s often the biggest worry when you have to arrange group travel for a day trip or a special event. Yet the most expedient answer is to book with a Leicester minibus & coach hire company. Even a smaller group, perhaps for a business trip or a family outing, can be a headache when you have think about how to assemble everyone together and pick up from different locations. A Leicester minibus hire firm that is dedicated to group travel in and around Leicester is an easy option because it’s their everyday business to cope with group and single person travel.

They have drivers who are fully trained and qualified to VOSA standard. Drivers follow a defined code of practice in that they act at all times in a courteous, willing manner and understand the importance of treating each member of a party with equal deference and respect.

This may mean understanding the needs of people using wheelchairs or who are less mobile. They have the vehicle fleet to cope, such as multiple person vehicles with secure access. A large social or community group may require a 40 or 70 seater coach or a middle-sized family event would be ideally suited to a 24 seater coach and driver of course.

A Leicester minibus service that is professional will know instantly which vehicle is best suited to your party. You can make an online enquiry and even get a quote fast; you can book online or just pick up the phone and speak with one of the friendly team.

The entire vehicle fleet at Leicester minibus travel consists of modern coaches, buses and taxis which are serviced at reputable garages, and regularly. Vehicles are cleaned daily and have modern air-conditioning and comfortable seating.

Drivers are also insured to carry passengers of any age group and can take just one traveller if needs be, picking them up from the airport if required and waiting for delayed flights with on-board tracking technology. Prices are reasonable and include corporate and more economic travel. Drivers know the best, quickest and safest routes and all vehicles are equipped with modern Satnav systems.

There can be no finer way to travel across Leicester or to and from a venue, in a party of any size than booking in the professionals to do the job correctly and expertly.

Book your Leicester travel arrangements now.